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Jinro Chamisul Original Soju 360ml

Jinro Chamisul Original Soju 360ml

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Jinro Chamisul Original Soju 360ml - 20.1% ABV

Soju is the spirit of choice in South Korea, and no brand is more popular than Jinro. Launched in 1924, it is the country’s best-selling soju brand — and the world’s top-selling spirit. Some even say Jinro is the cause of Korea’s well-documented, hard-drinking culture.

It is made using rice, barley, and tapioca. Although this mix of starches is not unusual today, soju was originally made using only rice. Jinro and some other producers switched up their style when the Korean government banned rice for soju production.


The production methods resemble those for vodka and it has a similar taste profile, but slightly sweeter. Diluted soju is similar to low-strength vodka, with all the flavour, but less alcohol, making it ideal as a mixer.

Part of the reason for soju’s popularity is its versatility. Two common drinks are a socol (as a long drink with cola) and a somaek (a measure of soju in a glass of beer). Excellent mixed with fruit juice like apple, it is also drinkable on its own and is often enjoyed from small glasses with food.



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